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Piazza Roversi
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Piazza Roversi

Piazza Roversi is an important hub in the city’s urban structure. A number of streets converge there, and city traffic flows through it.
Piazza Roversi (better known as Piazza del Cristo) is dominated by the elegant Oratory of the Holy Crucifixion, designed by Giambattista Cattani in 1761.

Facade of the Oratory of the Holy Crucif|...

Facade of the Oratory of the Holy Crucifixion known as Christ. Designed by Engineer Giovanni Massa, 1914-17

Oratory of the Holy Crucifixion known as Christ
This graceful 18th century oratory was specifically destined to display the Holy Crucifixion (1630-1631), considered miraculous. The slim, lightweight fa?ade is topped by three sculptures of saints. Inside, the attractive stucco ornamentation is by Casalgrandi. The fresco of the Holy Crucifixion is still visible in the retable. To the right of the church stands the impressive Palazzo Rangoni, characterized by a severe mannerist style. While not confirmed, some attribute the building to architect Jacopo Barozzi, known as Vignola. Located on the piano nobile are several halls in 18th century style bearing magnificent decorations.